Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blogs and Furls

Blogs and Furls. If I wasn't in class today, I would have thought that someone was speaking a different language when they said these two words. Now I know better.

Blogging has become a little easier with everyone's help in class and just trying to figure everything out on my own. It can become a little addicting though. If I had the time I know I would probably spend more time on here figuring things out - it's just fun.

The furl accounts I found quite confusing at first. I didn't really understand the point to it. I thought, like many other people, that it was just something that created "favorites". After a little bit of exploring the site, I realized and finally understood that it is a favorites list with the exception of being able to access your favorites from any computer anywhere. This I thought was a great feature. I like that you can view other people's favorites as well. I found that if you put a URL in the topic of personal, only you have access to that site from your furl account.

I also found using the interactive white board to be very hands on and a great tool for the classroom. Today was my first time ever using one and I can't wait to be able to use it more often and learn more about the different types. The box thing that lets the teacher see what each computer is doing is also a great feature that teachers and school districts should have. It's a great way to monitor students without them always knowing you're checking on them.