Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year Continued...

So as I was saying, the next couple of months were alright I guess you could say. 2009 was full of new babies and funerals.. Now that's not 2 things that usually go together in one sentence. Most of my friends either had their babies or were at least pregnant during 2009.
Nothing big, that I can remember anyway, happened in March (besides my being sick). Teresa and Carlos (Joe's niece and his best friend) got married in April and Jen had baby Eddie. In June, Joe and I celebrated our first year of being married and we moved out of the cottage. Aunt Jan retired in January and has 2 houses. She wasn't sure which one she wanted to keep and couldn't really afford the upkeep of both, so she decided to go to Florida for awhile to try it out. While she's down in Florida, Joe and I are renting her house here. It worked out since with the coming of a new baby, we surely weren't going to fit in the cottage anymore (not like we really fit without the baby). Turns out that Aunt Jan really likes living in Florida so we are able to stay in the house until at least March 2011. July went pretty fast for me. The weather over te summer was very mild and kept rather cool and rainy which I must say was great for pregnant girls!!!
Peyton arrived on September 1st. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love that little girl so much.(I'll wait to talk about her in other posts). Eethan also came in September(Bobette's Grandson). Her daughter Sarah and I became great friends through Facebook while we were both out on our Maternity leave.
Without looking at the calendar, my mom and I atteded quite a few funerals.. my great Uncle Tilt, my great Uncle Nick, Richard's brother Gene, Noel's Grandmother. For a little while there, we thought that we lived at the funeral home. Nothing would have ever prepared me for having to attended my mom's funeral. She passed away October 22nd. (She'll be another post).
Kara and Andrew got married in November. Thanksgiving was so not the same this year. We went to North Carolina this year for Thanksgiving which trned out to be very nice. We had a great time. December brought 2 new babies - Carlos Gabriel on the 3rd (Carlos and Teresa's baby) and Chloe Ryann on the 28th (Kayla and Kelder's baby). This Christmas was a hard one with lots of mixed emotions. It was Peyton's 1st Christmas but it was also our 1st Christmas without my mom. Completely bittersweet.
Pregnancies that are still waiting to come to an end... Alyssa Lynn (Laura and Shaun's baby) will be here sometime in January, Baby Hepner (Kristin and Dan's baby) will arrive in March, and Michele(work) is due in April.
I'm really hoping that 2010 will be a much better year for everyone. I guess we will see!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

So not only is it the start of a new year, it is a start to another decade. So now is when I'm going to make myself do more things and follow through with some of the things that I'd like to accomplish. One of which is to write on this blog more frequently (like I had stated in my previous post).

2009 was a year that I would almost completely like to forget. Peyton, my daughter, was the only good thing that happened for me. The year started for us in Westchester Medical Center waiting to find out how Charlie (Grandma's husband) was going to make out after being hit by a car. He is doing great now but it was touch and go for awhile. February landed Joe in the hospital for 3 weeks. He had kidney failure, bi-lateral pneumonia, yeast growing on top of the pneumonia, and gastro-paresis (paralysis of the stomach). He felt like a patient on the TV show House because the doctor's didn't know what was wrong with him at first. My brother also moved to California in February which was hard to adjust to. February I was also disappointed by the fact that I didn't get the full-time job I went for.. which I still believe I should have gotten but was wrongly denied. Oh by the way did I mention that I was pregnant during all this and had really bad "morning" sickness. I quote "morning" because not only was it all day sickness not just morning, but it seemed to be the worst right after dinner. I couldn't even keep crackers down. It sucked!!

I will continue with the rest of 2009 tomorrow since I'm tired...