Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Today's word of the day on Answers.com is lexiphanicism. Does anyone know what is means?

It is the use of pretentious words, language, or style.

Subscribing to this Word Overheard Site is really interesting. I'm learning lots of new words. It also shows you how and where the word was used.

To subscribe to it, click the link below and subscribe using your bloglines.

Word Overheard


Nancy said...

I am glad that you posted the meaning of the word of the day because I had no idea what it meant.

Vincent said...

Thank you for that site as I am always looking for easy ways to expand my vocabulary. I also had no clue what the definition for that word was.

Anne said...

I learn something new everyday. The one thing I don't know is, how to say this word :)
How do we say this word? Do they teach you how to pronounce it? I signed up for it too, so I guess I will soon find out :)

Janet said...

I like to put a word of the day, a math problem, or an interesting science fact on the board for my classes every day. A site like this makes it easy to do. Thanks for sharing it!